How using Workplace can help you set up and run a business webinar

by Laura Hanrahan

With remote working on the up, webinars can help you stay connected and build community. Here’s how using Workplace can help you run a webinar like a pro.

More and more employees are choosing to work remotely - 2.9% of the entire US workforce according to a recent study. It means businesses are turning towards digital communication tools like video chat as primary methods of interaction.

And as the number of video streaming and webcasting platforms increases, webinars are becoming a popular choice to boost skills and manage business development.

Tools like Live Video in Workplace which are enabling customers and employees from all over the world to participate and learn from industry leaders inside and outside an organization.

Why run a webinar?

There are lots of reasons you might choose to run a webinar. Companies organize them to educate customers, prospects or employees, to improve their position in the market, or to develop or hone new relationships.

What do you need?

In order to deliver a streamlined and effective webinar with far-flung clients or colleagues, the main thing you’ll need is a quiet environment and reliable video technology. That's where Workplace by Facebook can help. It includes a range of savvy integrations to help you get the most value from your webinar series - from planning to wrap-up to follow-up.

Involve everyone

Make sure everyone can participate. You can use the Zoom integration to connect people wherever they are via mobile, laptop or in a conference room. Once you integrate Zoom with Workplace, you can seamlessly share content, lead a video conference with flawless audio, and even switch the stream of the meeting into one of your existing Workplace Groups.

See more on how to install and set up Zoom in Workplace.

Collaborate effectively

Perhaps you’re looking to use webinars to help improve levels of collaboration within your company. One way to do this is by integrating BlueJeans – the “meetings platform for the modern workplace” – with Workplace and simply inviting colleagues and contacts to “Join Meeting.”

BlueJeans is simple to use and lets people know there’s a meeting taking place that they can tap into if they wish. All you have to do is request their attendance over Workplace Chat. Once they choose “Join Meeting”, they’ll be able to participate from their laptop, desktop or mobile from just about anywhere.

Cisco Webex Meetings and Vee also support the smooth running of webinars, video conferences and more casual catch-ups. Once again, all you have to do is integrate them into Workplace and get going.

Business webinar tips…

Hosting a webinar isn’t just nerve-racking – it can be hard work to pull together, too.

So it's a great idea to get as much mileage out of your efforts as possible after the event. You can get creative and add webinar content to an email drip or nurture sequence. You can serialize it and use it on your website and share via social media. Or you could combine the content with your previous webinars as part of an e-book.

One thing you should consider is to offer clients and colleagues a recorded version of the webinar, so they can check back and use as reference.

A great way to do this is posting the recording in your Workplace Multi-company group. These groups enable you to collaborate and share files with external teams, partners, suppliers and customers in a secure space.

You can invite customers or prospects into your secure Multi-company group and they'll have access to the recording whenever they need it.

Follow up

Finally, don’t forget to follow up. Don’t miss out on reinforcing client relationships because you haven’t given them the extra push following the webinar.

You could begin by sending out a survey on how each participant found the session, using one of Workplace by Facebook’s survey integrations.

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