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Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat is the instant messaging tool for your business. It’s a fun, intuitive and fast way to connect with your colleagues, no matter where you are.

Workplace Chat is your messaging app for work

Start a chat with anyone in your organization to share company updates, files and videos - or just say ‘hi’ to a colleague. Workplace Chat also lets you jump on a quick audio or video call if you need a question answered fast.

Pin To Top

Make sure your most important chat threads are always visible so you never miss a crucial update.

Do Not Disturb

Need to focus? Block notifications unless someone mentions you by name, or appear ‘off the grid’ for a set period of time.

Dark Mode

Switch on ‘Dark Mode’ in your phone settings to make sure your chat threads (and other content) stand out so you can stay productive while avoiding eye strain.

Chat on text, audio or video

When time is of the essence, quickly switch from text to voice or video calls at the touch of a button and carry on your conversation face-to-face.

Rich functionality

Create polls and surveys, send files, automate tasks or even share your location - all without leaving your chat thread on mobile or desktop.

Communicate on any device

The Workplace Chat app is available on mobile, desktop or tablet, and lets you connect with your whole company on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Make project communications and team meetings a breeze

Workplace Chat is ideal for quick conversations - from getting a fast reply to a question, to making a quick group decision. Add some color to your chats with emojis and GIFs for a more relaxed way of engaging with your team.

Boost your team’s productivity

Instant messaging should make your teams more productive, not less. Workplace Chat gives your employees all the control they need to stay focused on the task at hand.

Have more engaging conversations

With Workplace Chat, you don’t have to settle for simple text messages. Use the app to send pictures, stickers and emojis, or react with a thumbs-up to make conversations fast, fun and engaging.

Control the pace of team collaboration

Workplace brings synchronous and asynchronous communications together. So you can hold real time discussions in chat while saving the less urgent conversations for Groups.

Workplace Chat FAQs

To remove a message on chat, just hover over the message and click ‘Remove’. If you sent the message less than 10 minutes before, you’ll have the option to remove the message for everyone in the chat, or for just you. However, if you sent the message over 10 minutes ago, you can only remove the message for yourself. Chat group members will see that the message has been removed and the message can still be reported.

Pinned chats allow you to mark important chats at the top of your chat window so that you can find, share or review them whenever you like. From ‘Chats’, hover over the chat thread you’d like to pin and then select ‘Pin chat’. This chat will now sit near the top of your list, depending on how many other chats you have pinned and in what order. You can only pin up to 15 chats. Find out more information in the Help Center.

To add a file to your message on Workplace when you’re logged in from your computer, click on the speech bubble icon in the left-hand panel, then click on the plus sign at the bottom of the chat and select the paperclip icon. Choose the file you’d like to send and press ‘Enter’ to send. When you include a link to a website in your message, a preview of the link will be added to the conversation. Once the preview appears, you can delete the link to just send the preview.

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